-sold out- Gulch / Sunami split 7"

  • -sold out- Gulch / Sunami split 7

-sold out- Gulch / Sunami split 7"

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Bay Area Juggernauts SUNAMI & GULCH team up to deliver the biggest gut punching split to drop in years. SUNAMI deliver 2 new tracks as a teaser for their upcoming debut LP on BBB later in 2021. GULCH come out of the gate with 2 brand new tracks as their followup to the 2020 Closed Casket Activities "Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress" LP.

Track Listing:
01. Sumami - Die Slow
02. Sunami - Step Up
03. Gulch - Bolt Swallower
04. Gulch - Accelerator

The item will ship in early April 2021.

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