-sold out- Slug - demo CS

  • -sold out- Slug - demo CS

-sold out- Slug - demo CS

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The debut from Cleveland, Ohio's SLUG.
4 tracks of straight forward hardcore with a flare of early 2000's Boston thrown in the mix.
FFO: Rival Mob, Mental, Bracewar, Floorpunch and Cleveland hardcore.

Track Listing:
1. Slug
2. Little Demons
3. Ugly Feelings
4. Grow a Spine

Pressing Information:
European edition 1st press: 50 copies (pro-printed smoke black / clear tapes with white on body print & 4panel J-card with lyrics and info).
US edition by Delayed Gratification Records.

Stream it now: https://worldsappreciatedkitsch.bandcamp.com/album/demo

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