Shred Bundy 'Chaos cycle' CS

  • Shred Bundy 'Chaos cycle' CS

Shred Bundy 'Chaos cycle' CS

This is the EU version (by Cruzade Records) of the great EP that SB from California released via Slam Records back in 2020.
It's limited to 50 yellow tapes and includes one bonus song (the 'Live in fear' single)!

Like a wall of sonic sound with amps turned up to ten, Shred Bundy is once again gut-wrenching and loud as hell as before. “Chaos Cycle” showcase the 80’s crossover feel in their own unique way hailing from Temecula.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Brad Racine at Collective 47 and Local Man Records.
Artwork by Jon Mayo.

1. Prisoner
2. Maze of Malice
3. V.O.W.
4. Chaos Cycle
5. Pocket Knife
6. Static Surrender
7. Live in fear (bonus)

Stream it here:

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